1. While an outside group – they make you feel as though they are on staff with you!

    Negotiating your way through the highly competitive world of retail is a daunting task and not to be taken on by the faint of heart without professional assistance. Finding that assistance and creating a sustainable relationship in which all parties are growing is the next important step.  We were so fortunate some years ago to find Lisa and Allen Hansen of Hansen-Stahl Sales and Marketing. I fin…Read More

    President/CEO DeVita International
  2. Highly recommend them for broker representatives

    I have known and worked with Lisa and Allen for the last 29 years and would highly recommend them for broker representatives. Their attention to details and knowledge of their accounts is by far some of the best in the retail industry.…Read More

    President/CEO TRP Company
  3. They have been instrumental in helping us build our brand

    We have had the privilege of working with Lisa and Allen for nearly 30 years. Not only are they experts on the accounts in their territory, they take the time to truly understand the products they are representing. They have been instrumental in helping us build our brand and getting us full distribution. More importantly, they are honest and easy to work with and we are proud to call them friends…Read More

    President van der Hagen Enterprises